Smithfield Updates


Here is an interactive video that helps students ensure that their device meets testing requirements prior to testing. Can be used for a Chromebook, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC. 

The check walks students through common errors (cookies errors, pop-ups (Oops-No Login, and resolution issues)


Click here to go to the Device Readiness Check. 

Need a Tutor?

The Charlotte Post is offering two workshops to inform families of resources that are available to K-5 children through the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library.  Please feel free to share the information with CMS families to increase awareness about this opportunity. 

Girl Scouts at Smithfield!


We have partnered with Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council here at Smithfield Elementary! Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council are hosting some fun events to girls to Girl Scouting. From virtual open house events (K-12), to kindergarten readiness programs (K), to robot building and animal dance parties (K-5); we have something to interest everyone. If you want to check out the fun, please visit to see a list of all our upcoming events for those new to Girl Scouts! 

Canvas Family Session Recordings

Linked here are the Canvas recordings. Please feel free to share this information with families.



Youtube troubleshooting videos for CANVAS, click here!

​Having trouble logging into Canvas?
  • Check to be sure the wifi is connected to their home wifi in the settings app

  • Go to the red canvas app on the ipad - it looks like this 

  • Click on find my school

  • Type in CMS (all capitals)

  • Then several choices will pop up 

  • Choose Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools- Teachers/Students

  • This will take you to NCEdcloud

  • Username is  student id number 

  • Password is (see list below depending on grade level) (this is case sensitive so the C is capitalized and the m,s  x are lowercase)

  • Once you log in it will take you to your child's courses in Canvas.
    Choose  homeroom course (not any of the other courses- only homeroom)

  • When you get to the homeroom course it will have a link on the page titled Zoom. Please click on that link and it will take you directly to the live instruction. You will be prompted to enter the zoom password that  is 654321


NCEdcloud Passwords are as follows:

Kindergarten - Cmsx2033

1st Grade- Cmsx2032

2nd Grade- Cmsx2031


If the parents tells you that the password is not working please take the following steps:

  1. Ask if they capitalized the C

  2. Check what year they are typing in

If they have confirmed the capital C and the correct year, you will need to email Michele, Christine, the parent and the classroom teacher the following information:  

Subject: Password Reset

Mark as High Importance

Student Name, student ID number (found on the class roster)